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Are Injectable Treatments Safe in Vancouver During COVID?

Dr. Van Dewark of Sparrow MD Answers the Question.

In aesthetic medicine, patient safety is of the utmost importance and takes priority — always. This is especially emphasized with any procedure that is cosmetic in nature. Keeping this in mind, no one can ignore the fact that today in the year 2021, Covid 19 is a reality that we all must face. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of our clients ask questions related to the topic.

We frequently receive the following question from clients who are considering non-invasive cosmetic procedures in Vancouver:

"Can dermal fillers go wrong because of COVID? What are the risks of getting anti-wrinkle injections (Botox™), or dermal fillers, and receiving the Covid-19 vaccine or contracting the Covid-19 virus?"

At SparrowMD located in Vancouver, it is very important that you are always aware of the risks and benefits of any procedure you undergo. It is one of the pleasures of our aesthetic practice and a core part of our philosophy to share our knowledge with our patients around these facts.

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Dermal Fillers

The Answer - Can Dermal Fillers Go Wrong Because of COVID?

To answer the question above in the simplest manner, here is what you need to know:

Upon reviewing the safety of common non-invasive medical aesthetic treatments the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery determined that:

(1) Neuromodulators, like Botox™, do not carry associated risks related to Covid vaccinations or the Covid 19 virus. Injectables like Botox™, Xeomin™, and other injectables that gently relax facial muscles are regarded as perfectly safe if you have received the Covid vaccine or contracted the virus at an earlier date.

(2) There are only a handful of rare reports concerning minor and temporary hives and swelling associated with contracting Covid 19 or receiving a COVID vaccination in those who received dermal fillers in the past. Reassuringly all of these cases resolved with time and often with minimal to no treatment being required.

Therefore, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery recommends that patients already treated with dermal fillers should not be discouraged or precluded from receiving the Covid vaccine. Further, patients who have received vaccines or contracted Covid 19 can safely receive dermal fillers in the future.

Dermal fillers at Sparrow MD continue to be safe and are an exciting option for those seeking to minimize lines and rejuvenate their skin in Vancouver. This is excellent news for anyone who is interested in trying or has received dermal fillers.

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Dermal Fillers Correctly Given and Monitored Are Safe

The evidence suggests the following:

For the patient who received dermal filler months in the past, or chooses to receive such a treatment today — there is a very small risk of developing a minor rash or swelling if they contract Covid 19 or receive a Covid vaccine. However, even in the extraordinarily unlikely event that such a rash develops, this is not a dangerous condition.

Therefore, receiving dermal fillers in the era of Covid 19 does not carry greater risk. Receiving dermal fillers and also getting the Covid vaccine is regarded as safe.

However, this question does highlight the importance of receiving such cosmetic injections from a trained physician. When choosing who you trust to provide such treatments, it is essential to select a doctor familiar with recognizing the complications of such aesthetic treatments. They must know how to resolve any adverse events. In the unfortunate situation that you are one of the unlucky few who develop an adverse reaction, regardless of cause, you will need a qualified physician familiar with all the complications concerning these treatments. Therefore, if you receive treatments in another clinic, SparrowMD urges you to make sure you seek out medical doctors trained and qualified in the use of dermal fillers.

SparrowMD offers non-invasive cosmetic procedures and cosmetic skincare in Vancouver. It is owned and operated by doctors, unlike some other alternatives. The moment you walk into our clinic, you'll see our logo on the wall you will know your skin is in the care of experts.

For rejuvenating the face and achieving your desired results, fillers are among the most reliable, safe, minimally invasive treatments available. You can book a consult to speak with me or another doctor at our clinic in Vancouver. We would be happy to discuss dermal fillers and if they may help you achieve your goals.

For any further questions regarding medical aesthetics and Covid 19, please contact SparrowMD located in Kitsilano, Vancouver.

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Deep Dive: What Does the Evidence Suggest on Dermal Fillers and COVID?

Please read on for a more in-depth explanation of this question.

With the increasing popularity of non-invasive procedures, more patients are opting for fillers as a means of achieving their aesthetic goals. Dermal fillers are often the most effective way to smooth acne scars and minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

It's important to understand that nonpermanent cosmetic fillers are different from substances such as Botox™, as that they remain in the skin for more extended periods — up to six months or longer is not uncommon. We stress the point that all nonpermanent dermal fillers are eventually reabsorbed by the body. Still, they do remain present for a much longer time than muscle relaxing injectables like Botox.

Further complicating matters are the constellations of skin changes that can accompany COVID-19, even without injections. Those who receive Covid vaccinations or contract the virus can rarely develop non-dangerous red patches or hive-like rashes on their skin. The rashes fade over time and are not harmful. However, it makes determining the allergic-type reactions seen in patients who receive dermal fillers a challenging question to answer. Are these rashes seen in those who received dermal fillers just a natural but rare part of the body's reaction to the Covid 19 virus or vaccination? Or do these rashes represent an interaction between the dermal filler itself and the vaccine or virus? Earlier reports indicate that patients who received dermal fillers before the discovery of Covid 19 rarely developed similar rashes as those now reported in the era of Covid 19. These rashes occurred in patients who contracted influenza or received the seasonal flu shot. These rashes are not a new phenomenon. Like the rashes seen with Covid 19, those associated with influenza were also benign and went away with time.

Therefore, there are many reasons why these rashes can appear, and not all these reasons relate to Covid 19. Some cases may not be related to dermal fillers at all. Some cases may not be associated with Covid and could be related to another virus such as influenza. But at the end of the day, all of this is rather academic as there is no evidence that these rashes are dangerous or that such swelling or hives carry any long-term complications.

It is important to know that these rashes in patients who received dermal fillers were exceptionally rare. For instance, in one study only 3 patients out of 15,184 who received the Moderna vaccine reported swelling or a rash around the location where a past dermal filler was injected. All of these cases improved entirely over time. Most of these cases did not need any treatment at all. It is important to note that the rash resolved without further complications in all reported cases to date.

Putting this all together, this information is very reassuring.

Medical Author

Dr. Van Dewark is passionate about medical aesthetics and medical education. He is a college registered physician in BC (CPSBC) and a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada in emergency medicine. He actively teaches and is a published researcher in his role as a clinical instructor at the University of British Columbia. He has been recognized nationally by the Royal College of Physicians for his medical education-based research. Dr. Van Dewark finds a deep sense of fulfillment in helping his patients accomplish their aesthetic and wellness goals. To help his patients be the best versions of themselves and to love who they see in the mirror is what motivates him. Inspired by his work as an emergency physician at Vancouver General Hospital, ensuring the safest delivery of medical aesthetic treatments for his clients is paramount to him and he conveys this to his team at Sparrow MD.