Facial for sun damaged skin

How to Best Help Your Skin Recover After Summer?

Summer is ending. We hope you enjoyed it! Summertime is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the sun, but it's also a time when our skin can take a beating. UV rays from the sun can cause serious skin damage.  Skin damage from the sun may not be evident until later in life.

facial for sun damaged skin

There are two forms of UV light. UVA and UVB collectively are considered to be one of the biggest factors that cause aging of the skin. Sadly, exposure to UVA and UVB is part of enjoying so many lovely summer activities. If you've been laid out by the sun this summer and your skin is looking worse for wear, don't worry - There is a highly recommended facial for sun-damaged skin to help you recover.

A vampire facial treatment can be just what you need to revive your sun-damaged facial skin. It can help you look younger and refreshed for the months ahead.

What Is a Vampire Facial / PRP And How Does It Work ?

What Is a Vampire Facial?

A vampire facial treatment is a procedure where your own body is harnessed by using platelet-rich plasma (PRP).  PRP comes from your own blood. It targets age spots and other signs of damage such as roughness or wrinkles for long-term improved hydration & elasticity and helps stimulate collagen production as well as produce and preserve the elasticity of the skin which helps maintain a vibrantly healthy and glowing complexion. 

does vampire facial work

How Does Vampire Facial Work??

The first step of this treatment is drawing some of your blood. This is no different than going to Life Labs to get routine blood work. After obtaining a small test tube-sized amount of blood, we use our specially designed centrifuge system so we can separate the various components of your blood. 

Your blood comprises four basic parts:

  1. Red blood cells - carry oxygen to your organs
  2. White blood cells - help you fight infection
  3. Platelets - which help stop bleeding
  4. Plasma - which in part contains growth factors involved in the repair of tissues and other proteins which keep you healthy.
prp facial treatment

After our centrifuge separates the parts of your blood, we save the plasma are discard the rest. The plasma contains the PRP with those helpful growth factors which help repair and rejuvenate! We will be using this property to assist your skin in recovering that healthy natural glow!

While PRP is being prepared in our centrifuge, which can take a few minutes, we will apply numbing cream that helps to prepare you for what’s about to come and makes the rest of the procedure virtually painless.

Once the numbing cream has taken effect, we use a Health Canada Approved 微针 device. The 微针 device uses very small needles to make multiple small holes in the skin around a millimeter deep. This process alone signals your body to initiate skin repair. But with a Vampire Facial in Vancouver, at Sparrow MD, we use the power of PRP to supercharge this tissue repair.  As we perform the 微针, the PRP is applied to your skin. This allows the PRP to be absorbed by your dermal tissue and do its magic!

How Many PRP Facial Treatments Are Needed?

Often one treatment delivers beautiful results, however, multiple treatments offer compounding benefits. Often we suggest three treatments spaced out over a season or two.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting a Vampire Facial / PRP?

As you age, the production of collagen and elastin slows down, leading to thinning, sagging and elasticity problems in your skin. All of these changes give the appearance of duller and less healthy, vibrant skin. Exposure to that summer sun with its UVA and UVB only accelerates this process. A treatment like a vampire facial in Vancouver can help restore those properties of the skin. PRP is known for its natural ability to boost blood flow while also providing defense against environmental aggressors such as UV rays or pollution particles.

vampire facial benefits

Vampire Facial Benefits :

  • Increase collagen production
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve moisture retention
  • Enhance skin tone and texture
  • Improve hair growth if thinning is occurring

With our Vampire Facial in Vancouver at Sparrow MD, you can expect to receive a comprehensive treatment that includes your face and neck as well. This service will also treat other areas with aging effects, such as hands or décolletage, for even more rejuvenated skin! 

Unique to Sparrow MD is that all our treatments involve a comprehensive consultation from one of our Medical Doctors (Dr. Zhai and Dr. Van Dewark). This way, your questions are fully answered, and we can help you best achieve your post-summer skin care goals for you to obtain the results you seek with your Vampire Facial in Vancouver.

How To Prepare For Your Vampire Facial / PRP Treatment?

vampire facial treatment

A Vampire Facial in Vancouver at Sparrow MD can offer many benefits to improve your skin. But like any medical treatment, this might not be for everyone. If you have a blood disease, including clotting or bleeding disorders, it requires a careful evaluation by a medical doctor. At Sparrow MD, all our treatments begin with a comprehensive medical consultation and are under the direct supervision of our doctors. Everything we do at Sparrow MD is towards safety and harnessing medical science's power to enhance your natural beauty.

How Much Does a Vampire Facial Cost?

All our PRP treatments are bespoke. The region we treat and how we treat the area is dependent on the goals of the patient. Obtaining the best outcomes requires consultation with one of our physicians to determine the best treatment regimen.

Often such regimens include multiple treatments over several months to obtain desired goals. However, this is very much dependent on the individual.

It would be our pleasure to discuss with you in person your goals and how we can best help you achieve them.

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Where to Get Vampire Facial?

Reputable practitioners should be able to talk you through the procedure and clearly answer any questions you may have. Anyone performing this procedure should know about skincare products and be able to tell you what ingredients or regimens to avoid before and after treatment. All treatments should involve a medical consultation. For those looking for a Vampire Facial in Vancouver, our medical doctors at Sparrow MD combine professionalism and medical knowledge with a bespoke philosophy and luxury, comfort-focused boutique atmosphere. The treatment is always performed by a licensed aesthetician and supervised by a medical doctor. If you are near the Kitsilano, Vancouver area and are interested in a Vampire facial to help get that healthy glow this autumn, why not visit Sparrow MD? Our clinic is just the thing to provide a safe experience and stunning results!

You can find vampire facial near me at  Sparrow MD clinic:

2760 W Broadway, Suite 209, Vancouver, BC, V6K 4M2

(604) 757-6404

Or visit them online at https://sparrowmd.ca/book-now and book your appointment today!

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