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Thread Lift in Vancouver: Everything You Need to Know About Thread Lift Part I

Of the signs of aging, the most disheartening can be the loss of volume and structure in your face. As we age, the body slows in its production of collagen and the skin loses elasticity. Because of this, the features of the face can begin to sink, droop, or otherwise start to drift in ways that can render a face almost unrecognizable to its owner.

While cosmetic surgery is an option, many do not have the desire to deal with the recovery time, price, or potential complications of invasive plastic surgery. And while many minimally invasive treatments exist, they differ drastically in what (and how much) they can address.

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Thread lift is an exciting and effective minimally invasive procedure to lift the skin of the face, restore facial volume, and regain the youthful appearance you may have lost over time. At Sparrow MD, we believe that it is crucial to thoroughly research any cosmetic procedure you may be considering. That is why in this article, we will walk you through the thread lift procedure, cover the associated benefits and risks, and answer some frequently asked questions you may have. If you’re looking for a non-surgical solution to help you fight the signs of aging, this guide will help you decide if a thread lift may be right for you.

Best Threadlift Doctor Vancouver
Best Threadlift Doctor Vancouver

What is a Thread Lift?


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How Does Thread Lift in Vancouver Work?

A suture suspension involves the use of a cannula or needle to thread absorbable sutures beneath the skin of the face. The threads are strung with micro cones, which go into the skin lined up straight and are then allowed to rotate around on their axis. They hook onto the tissue beneath the skin, forcing the tissue to adhere tighter to itself, suspending the skin, creating a tighter, “lifted” appearance to the skin, and helping reshape the contours of the face.


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is threadlift safe
Best Thread lift Vancouver

What are the Benefits of Thread Lifts?

The thread lift procedure in Vancouver is a minimally invasive treatment used to provide lift to facial skin and return the volume to areas of the face. It can be performed in under an hour with only a local anesthetic and will show immediate, natural-looking results and continued improvement thereafter as collagen production is stimulated by the threads, making the procedure a safe and cost-effective alternative to expensive and invasive plastic surgery.



  1. Lifting and re-volumizing areas of the face that have grown lax with age, including:
    • 鼻唇沟(从鼻子两侧延伸到嘴角的线条)
    • Hollowed or sagging cheeks
    • Sunken undereye area
    • Jowls and jawline
    • Brow line
    • 额头
  2. Realigning features to address facial asymmetry
  3. Lifting and “brightening” eyes


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How Soon After a Thread Lift Will I See Results?

You will be able to see the results immediately after your thread lift procedure! As the lifting is done physically by the cones pulling on the tissue beneath the skin, the results are instantaneous. After the initial procedure, the volume and appearance of your skin will continue improving as collagen production is stimulated and collagen builds up around the cones. This benefit of the procedure can mean that results can continue to improve for months after the fact.

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How Long Do Thread Lifts Last?

The results of a thread lift can be visible for anywhere from three to four years, making thread lifts one of the longest-lasting minimally invasive cosmetic procedures on the market.  While the sutures themselves will dissipate over the first year, the neocollogenesis (aka the buildup of new collagen in the area) triggered by the threads means you may see continued improvement long past when the sutures have mostly been absorbed.

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How Much Do Thread Lifts in Vancouver Cost?

Prices for a thread lift vary greatly depending on the physician and the clinic, and even the city or town where the procedure is performed. It will also, of course, vary depending on the specifics of the procedure itself, based on the number of threads injected and what specific issues are being addressed.

In Vancouver, the price of a thread lift is starting at approximately $1,500 for a single thread but can run you anywhere from $1,500 to $6,000.

Remember, like with most cosmetic procedures, it is very important to get your thread lift done only by a reputable physician and at a reputable medical clinic clinic. While this may potentially mean a larger cost per session, it will ensure you get the result you are looking for and prevent needless complications that require expensive fixes down the line or even leave lasting damage.

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Are Thread Lifts Safe?

When performed by an experienced licensed practitioner, thread lifts are very safe procedures with little risk of serious complications! While some discomfort and swelling may occur in the immediate aftermath, you should even be able to return to a normal day’s activities immediately after.

In a thread lift performed specifically with Silhouette InstaLift®, the sutures, as well as the cones, are composed of are made from PLLA and PLGA (Poly L Lactic Acid & Poly Lactic-co-Glycolic Acid). PLGA is a biocompatible and biodegradable polymer with a long history of use in medical devices and implants. Over time, PLGA undergoes electrolysis in the body, splitting into its constituent chemicals—lactic acid and glycolic acid, both of which occur naturally in the body.

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This makes PLGA a perfect material for this procedure, as it breaks down harmlessly over time, all the while stimulating your body’s natural skin tightening abilities. Silhouette InstaLift® was approved for use in cosmetic procedures by Health Canada in 2020, but was in use in many places for years prior, having been approved by the FDA in 2015.


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Am I a Good Candidate for Thread Lift in Vancouver?



Psychologically, good candidates are those who wish to rejuvenate their facial appearance but are not interested in or not ready for plastic surgery. They have a clear understanding of what a thread lift can and can’t do and are realistic about the results they can expect. They are also prepared to follow aftercare instructions as needed to ensure the best results.

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  • 对多价材料过敏
  • 怀孕或正在哺乳期
  • 在注射区域内或附近有活动性感染或炎症
  • 正在服用血液稀释剂或最近服用过血液稀释药物
  • 患有出血性疾病或自身免疫疾病
  • 具有瘢痕疤痕的倾向

If you’re unsure whether all of this applies to you, do not worry. A consultation session with our health care providers will always be done before your thread lift in the clinic. Our doctors who are specialized in thread lifts will speak with you to address any concerns and ensure you are medically and psychologically a good candidate for the procedure. If you still have questions, book a consultation today to ask more questions.

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Where Can I Get a Thread Lift in Vancouver?

If you are a Vancouver resident looking for a reputable place to get a Thread lift, you should look no further than Sparrow MD.

Sparrow MD marries the reliability of a professional clinic with a luxurious boutique atmosphere. Their team of highly trained medical practitioners specializes in performing minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, including thread lift. Don’t trust your face with any less than the best.

You can find the clinic at:
2760 W Broadway,
Suite 209, Vancouver,
BC, V6K 4M2
P: 604-757-6404

Or visit them online at and book your appointment today!

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