Profile harmonization or profile balancing is quickly becoming one of the most popular treatments. It is a complement of several different procedures performed in combination. It is a bespoke way to balance an individual's facial proportions and features, especially in the profile view. Commonly, patients seeking non-surgical rhinoplasty or lip augmentation may not be aware that they have a recessed chin and jawline on the side profile. This may become more obvious to the eye if surgical or non-surgical rhinoplasty is performed. Similarly, enhanced lips can emphasize the chin retrusion and lack of balance of the lower face.

Our Profile Harmonization package fine-tunes the ratio of the lower face by harmonizing the nose to the lips and the chin. By doing so, a more aesthetically pleasing and balanced side profile is achieved. This is often done simultaneously as jawline contouring, as the two treatments complement each other to achieve a more structured and refined look.

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  • 治疗时间: 45 minutes
  • 恢复时间: 不需要恢复期
  • 起效: 即刻
  • 花费: Varies depending individual facial features and client goals
  • 效果维持: Lasts up to 18 months