Hand Rejuvenation Vancouver

Are your hands showing signs of aging? Have the backs of your hands developed wrinkles and fine lines? Have your hands lost volume and suppleness? Do you see prominent veins on the back of your hands?

If you answer is yes, hand rejuvenation may be the right treatment for you. As we age, skin on the hands can lose collagen, elastin and underlying supportive tissue. Age spots, fine lines and wrinkles can also change the look and feel of the hands.

Hand rejuvenation with dermal fillers can restore volume, minimize wrinkles and hide prominent veins in the hands, giving them a fresher and more youthful appearance. To find out more about this treatment, book a consultation today to explore your options.



  • 治疗时间: 30分钟
  • 恢复时间: Minimal
  • 起效: 即刻
  • 花费: Varies depending on individual anatomy and client goals
  • 效果维持: Immediate-best results will be seen at 2 weeks