Chin botox Vancouver is one of the most popular treatments our medical doctors perform at our Vancouver clinic to target dimpling and wrinkling of the chin. Chin dimpling or an overactive chin bulge can develop if you have a hyperactive mentalis muscle. This can create an undesirable pebbly, peau d’orange appearance. Luckily, Botox® and other neuromodulators can help smooth out the bumpy texture and soften the skin on the chin. To learn more about this treatment to see if it would be right for you, book a consultation to explore your options.

Chin Botox: Treating Dimpled Chin


  • 治疗时间: 30分钟
  • 恢复时间: 不需要恢复期
  • 起效: 3-7 days after procedure. A follow-up appointment to fine-tune your results may be scheduled 
  • 花费: Varies with dosing on the severity of chin dimpling and strength of mentalis muscle 
Chin Botox: Treating Dimpled Chin


For Vancouver's best treatment for chin dimpling, Botox® proves an effective solution. We can achieve smoother and more even skin texture by evenly injecting neuromodulators like Botox® into the chin. These neuromodulators will inhibit the muscle contraction of the mentalis muscle to soften the textured appearance of the area. This non-invasive procedure has minimal downtime, allowing you to return to your daily routine immediately post treatment.


At Sparrow MD, we offer different brands of neuromodulators approved by Health Canada that will counter the overactivity of the mentalis muscle which include:

Our doctors would typically choose Botox® or Dysport® for their qualities of better diffusion and spread. We find that this generally results in better longevity of results for our patients. At Sparrow MD, we carry multiple brands of neuromodulators and will choose the best option for our patients. This can be discussed during the consultation process.


In addition to Dysport® /Botox® treatments, our clients may choose to pair this treatment with the following treatments for a more holistic approach to the chin and the lower face and for profile harmonization:

  • 玻尿酸- to restore volume or to enhance the shape and definition of chin or jawline 
  • 超声刀Ultherapy®- to aid in skin elasticity and skin tightening
  • Belkyra®/Kybella®- to reduce the appearance of submental fullness and to improve appearance of chin and jawline
  • 微针治疗- to improve skin quality and tone by inducing collagen production
  • 医美院线护肤产品- to enhance the effects of facial treatments 

Best Chin Botox® Vancouver: Risks and Contraindications

Botox®, administered by skilled medical professionals, offers temporary muscle relaxation for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. With a track record of over 25 years, Botox® stands as a safe and effective treatment. Though generally safe, there are potential side effects, such as temporary bruising, mild discomfort, swelling, or redness at the injection site. In general, Botox® treatments are not recommended to anyone pregnant or nursing. For the chin area, rare side effects may include temporary local spasms of the muscle or unevenness of the result. This is usually more common after the first treatment as the mentalis muscle is still highly active. A touch-up treatment will generally take care of the issue. At Sparrow MD, our team comprises highly trained physicians who possess the expertise and experience necessary to ensure you achieve optimal results, all while placing utmost emphasis on safety and effectiveness.

Chin Botox injection vancouver


Is Botox® or dermal fillers better for a dimpled chin?

Botox® will be best to address the dimpling of the chin. For more severe laxity and volume loss, dermal fillers can add structural support and help fill the area. 

How long will the effects of chin botox last?

Botox® and other neuromodulators are temporary, typically lasting 3 to 6 months. The length will depend on the patient's metabolism and the strength of the mentalis muscle. Generally, our patients come back for maintenance treatments every 3 months. 

Can chin botox treatment affect my smile?

No, if performed by an experienced and qualified injector, chin botox will not affect your smile. At Sparrow MD, our physicians have over 10 years of experience and can use ultrasound-guided injections if needed to ensure that neuromodulators are placed in the correct treatment area.

Does chin botox treat double chin?

Chin botox will relax the chin muscle and drop the chin down from a more elevated position. This can help hide the double chin subtly. However, more pronounced results are likely to be seen with our Belkyra® double chin treatment or with chin filler treatment.