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What is a Botox®的效果 Brow Lift?

A Botox brow lift is a cosmetic procedure which gives a temporary lift to the eyebrows, pulls up droopy outer eyes, and smooths out furrow lines between the brows. The procedure gives the eyes a more open appearance and making the entire face seem more youthful and less tired.

Unlike a traditional brow lift, which is a cosmetic surgery, a Botox brow lift can be performed quickly and has no extended recovery time. The results are gradual, with the initial onset of the effects coming at about three to seven days after the procedure, and reaching their full effects about two weeks in.

Botox brow lift treatment


  • 治疗时间:
    • 30分钟
  • 恢复时间:
    • 不需要恢复期
  • First Effects Seen:
    • 3-7 天
  • Best Results:
    • Seen approx. 2 weeks after procedure
  • Length of results:
    • 3-6个月

How a Botox®的效果 Brow Lift Works at SparrowMD

To explain how this procedure works, it is important to first clarify what Botox is. Botox Cosmetic® is the brand name for a formulation of the botulinum toxin type A, a neurotoxic protein that can be injected—in exact doses and by a trained professional—into targeted muscle groups so as to relax the muscles directly surrounding the injection site.  

This is useful in cosmetic procedures because it is rarely only one muscle group that is acting on a specific portion of your body. When you relax specific muscles, the other muscles that affect the area will be more powerful. Think of it as a game of tug-of-war—if one side suddenly stops pulling but the other side is still expending energy, the side that’s still pulling will jerk dramatically back. The same principle applies with Botox.

In a Botox brow lift, the corrugator supercili 以及 orbicularis oculi muscles are injected. These muscles are depressors, responsible for pulling down parts of your face.  The corrugators are the muscles that pull at the inner part of your eyebrows, while the orbicularis oculi muscles go around the eyes and pull down the arch and outer corner of your eyebrows. 

When these sets of muscles are injected with Botox, the muscles responsible for pulling the eyebrows up, called the frontalis muscles, can lift the brows and smooth out the furrow lines formed by the corrugators. These effects will continue as long as the botulinum is active and keeping the muscles relaxed.

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Botox brow lift treatment

Am I a Good Candidate for a Botox®的效果 Brow Lift?

Botox brow lifts can be performed on just about anyone over the age of 18, but there are certain factors that can make you a better candidate for the procedure:

  • Noticeable sagging/drooping of the eyebrows and outer corners of the eyes.
  • Moderate to severe frown lines.
  • Though they can be performed on patients of any age, results will be most dramatic on younger patients that do not have a large amount of excess skin.
  • Eyelids that are less heavy/have a smaller skin fold.

As this is an impermanent, non-surgical procedure, it is best suited to those looking for subtler results.

Do Not Get a Botox®的效果 Brow Lift If:  

  • You are either pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You have a skin condition anywhere near the injection site
  • ·  You have a history of or are currently experiencing symptoms of a neuromuscular disease

怀孕、哺乳或患有神经系统疾病的人不适合 Botox®肉毒注射。 申请医生咨询 为您找到最佳选择。

What are the Benefits of a Botox®的效果 Brow Lift Over a Traditional Brow Lift?

A Botox brow lift is a minimally invasive and effective solution for those seeking a more youthful appearance. Compared to a traditional brow lift, which involves cutting into a patient's face and manipulating the musculature beneath the skin, a Botox brow lift is much less invasive, requires no recovery time, and has a much lower chance of causing unwanted side effects. A surgical brow lift may result in scarring, significant pain, bleeding, and infection, as well as the potential for an adverse reaction to anesthesia.

Furthermore, the results of a surgical procedure may not meet the patient's expectations, and any mistakes made by the surgeon could lead to permanent damage to the muscles and skin. In contrast, a Botox brow lift is temporary and allows the patient to adjust their appearance over time without undergoing any further surgeries. Although a Botox brow lift may end up costing more in the long run if the patient chooses to continue getting injections, it is significantly cheaper up front and allows them to return to their normal routine within 30 minutes of the procedure.

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How do You Prepare for a Botox Brow Lift Procedure?

At Sparrow MD, before receiving a Botox brow lift, it's essential to ensure you're a good candidate for the procedure by discussing your medical history with the medical practitioner who will be performing the treatment. Some medical conditions may prevent you from being eligible. Additionally, in the week leading up to the procedure, you will likely be instructed to avoid taking blood-thinning medications or substances, including painkillers such as aspirin or ibuprofen, as well as alcohol. These precautions are taken to prevent any complications during the procedure and to ensure the best possible outcome. It's crucial to follow the medical practitioner's instructions closely to avoid any potential complications or adverse effects.

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What Can You Expect From the Procedure Itself?

A Botox brow lift is a straightforward procedure that takes very little time to perform. The time from the moment you arrive and sign in to the moment you exit the clinic again may be as little as 20 or 30 minutes, with most of that not being the procedure itself.

Before doing any injections, your doctor will likely apply a contact anesthetic to injection sites to prevent any pain or discomfort during the procedure. The doctor will then proceed with the injections, which are done with a gentle tap of the syringe. It’s unlikely you’ll feel anything except pressure or a slight tingling sensation that disappears quickly. Congratulations, you’re done!

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What is Important to Know After the Procedure?

The Botox brow lift is a safe and minimally invasive procedure, but there are still potential side effects, and it’s important to follow the aftercare directions given to you by your medical practitioner. After the procedure, avoid blood-thinning medications for up to 24 hours, and apply ice to the injection site to reduce swelling or bruising. Refrain from manipulating the injected areas and avoid physical activity that greatly increases your heart rate for at least 24 hours. You should also avoid headwear that will pull at your facial skin and muscles. Exaggerating your facial expressions and movements can help speed up the effects of Botox.

How Much Does the Botox Brow Lift Cost?

The cost of a Botox procedure at SparrowMD can be affected by several factors. One significant factor is how many units of Botox are needed for the procedure. The number of units depends on the specific area being targeted and the individual's skin in that area. With a brow lift, the number of units will depend on the degree of drooping in the brows and eyes and the depth of wrinkles in the area. The cost of Botox also varies from region to region, and there may be differences in pricing between medical practitioners. It's important to note that it's dangerous to get a cosmetic procedure with an untrained or unlicensed practitioner, so be cautious when considering prices. To get an accurate estimate of the cost of a Botox brow lift at SparrowMD, it's best to contact a medical practitioner directly.

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Do I Need a Botox Brow Lift?

Determining whether or not to get a Botox brow lift is a personal decision. While a medical professional can help determine if you are a good candidate and explain potential results, ultimately it is up to you to decide if the procedure is necessary.

If you find yourself preoccupied with signs of aging on your face, or are bothered by drooping eyebrows or eyes, a Botox brow lift is an option. However, it is important to carefully consider your decision and only choose a reputable, licensed professional to perform the procedure.


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Where Can I Get a Botox Brow Lift in Vancouver?

If you are a Vancouver resident looking for a reputable place to get a Botox brow lift, you should look no further than Sparrow MD. 

Sparrow MD marries the reliability of a professional clinic with a luxurious boutique atmosphere. Their team of highly trained medical practitioners specialize in performing minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, including brow lift injections. Don’t trust your face with any less than the best.

You can find the clinic at:

2760 W Broadway,Suite 209, Vancouver, BC, V6K 4M2


Or visit online at and book your appointment today!



我们坚信只要是关于面部的美容都需要完全的信任。 特别是我们理解对于大家来说,针头注射和肉毒杆菌Botox™ 等神经调节剂听起来似乎有点吓人。

Sparrow MD 也知道您有很多选择在温哥华。 我们很荣幸成为您的选择,我们致力于提供安全、循证和自然的结果。

正是出于这个原因,我们由训练有素,经验丰富且经过医师学院认证的医生在Sparrow MD进行所有的注射治疗。 

我们的医生将解决您的所有问题和疑虑,并指导您美容方案的每一步。Sparrow MD 很高兴能帮助您获得美丽、自然的效果。 我们每天的目标是帮助您看起来更像您自己的感觉。 


肉毒杆菌注射无需做准备; 但是,我们建议您第一次预约一个医生免费咨询,能更好地评估肉毒或其他治疗是否是实现您预期目标的最佳选择。 

所有治疗都从咨询开始,我们专门从事医学美容的医生将解决您的疑虑。 在此咨询期间,将根据您的需求量身定制美容计划。 这个过程涉及了解您的病史,包括了解您过去进行的美容项目,以及您对这些过去项目的满意度。 接下来,医生将和您探讨您的顾虑,并详细概述肉毒能提供的任何作用。

在治疗过程中,注射器会用一根细针在您脸部的特定点小心地注射。 大多数人最多只能从注射中感受到一种快速的挤压。 如果需要,医生可以使用局部麻醉剂以尽量减少不适。注射过程和轻柔压力几乎无法区分。 在大多数情况下,肉毒注射治疗可以在 30 分钟内轻松完成。

神经调节剂的恢复时间非常短,甚至没有。 最多可能性是几个小时后出现一些局部肿胀和/或发红。 否则,此过程不需要恢复时间。

注射肉毒后,您可以立即恢复几乎所有的正常活动。 您的注射部位可能会出现轻微的发红或肿胀,但这通常会在几个小时内自行消退。

将在注射后的几天内开始看到神经调节剂-肉毒杆菌的结果(平均 3-4 天),大部分结果会在一周内出现。 重要的是要注意,结果是看起来非常自然的,而不是‘僵脸’。 大多数人将这种结果描述为看起来是得到了良好的休息并精神焕发。 

Botox® 和 Xeomin®、Dysport® 或 Nuceiva® 等其他神经调节剂都是经批准可用于减少细纹和皱纹的可注射神经调节剂。可能其他的品牌都是Botox™的更廉价和更通用版本。

所有加拿大卫生部批准的神经调节剂均能有效消除因日常面部运动中重复性肌肉收缩而产生的细纹和皱纹。 它们通过放松面部肌肉的相同机制起作用。 它们因活性成分的配方而异。 例如,Xeomin® 仅包含一种活性蛋白质成分,而 Botox™ 的配方中包含聚集在同一活性分子周围的各种保护性蛋白质。 

虽然相似,但不同的神经调节剂在注射后的结果会有不同的体现。 我们的医师将分析您当前的面部解剖结构、病史和期望的结果,根据您的需求确定最佳治疗方案。 

神经调节剂治疗的费用因人而异,具体取决于治疗的区域、当前的面部结构和想要的结果。 这些因素决定了需要多少次注射和多少剂量的神经调节剂,或者是否应将其他治疗作为整体治疗计划的一部分进行。 在您咨询期间,我们会明确费用和付款方式。 我们接受现金、信用卡和储蓄卡。

这是可变的,完全取决于患者。 根据我们的经验,一个人应该开始使用 Botox™ 的年龄更多地取决于解剖学、遗传和环境暴露,而不是年龄。 在肉毒杆菌的世界里,年龄真的只是一个数字。 一些客户从 20 岁出头开始,他们已经有皱纹和细纹,而有些客户从 40 岁开始,还没有那么多细纹。

肉毒杆菌可用于预防性地防止皱纹形成,或在细纹和皱纹出现后软化它们。 它已被充分研究并被证明是安全的 超过20 多年。 因此,开始肉毒杆菌注射的理想年龄确实是一个非常个人的决定。

每个人都不一样,所以答案因人而异。 一般来说,肉毒除皱效果可以在 3 到 7 天内看到,并且可以持续 3 到 6 个月,不需要恢复时间和只有最小的不适。 我们的大多数患者会每三个月享受一次维持治疗的结果,而有些患者会在两次治疗之间等待更长的时间。

答案:是,也不是。 注射肉毒的结果会让您看起来精神焕发,更加年轻,也许更开朗。 我们的医生尽可能定制自然的方案,以便患者看起来完全自然。

前额光滑有光泽或鱼尾纹减少,这些都是有人最近接受过皱纹松弛的治疗的迹象。这些效果可以根据个人喜好进行定制。 同样重要的是,只要您对结果感到满意,您的朋友、家人或陌生人是否能分辨出差异并不重要。 正如我们在 Sparrow MD 对我们的家人和朋友所说,分享爱!

答案是:绝对可以。 Botox™ 和其他神经调节剂,如 Xeomin™、Dysport™ 或 Nuceiva™,都是高度纯化的蛋白质,可减少导致皱眉纹、前额纹和鱼尾纹的肌肉收缩。

如果没有肉毒注射,这些相同的肌肉每天会收缩数百次,最终会在皮肤上蚀刻更深的线条和皱纹。 当注射肉毒杆菌毒素时,它会放松皮肤下的肌肉,减缓过度的面部表情,让细纹和皱纹随着时间的推移而减少。 它可以防止眉毛之间形成皱眉纹,提升随着年龄增长而下垂的嘴角,抚平下巴外观,柔化嘴唇周围的条形码线,柔化垂直颈带。 

优化的定制的神经调节剂治疗应该让您看起来神清气爽和自然。 我们的治疗计划旨在柔化因过度面部表情而产生的线条,例如皱眉、眯眼和扬眉。 它不会影响感觉神经或让您感觉或看起来“脸僵”。

Sparrow MD 的治疗由经验丰富的医疗专业人员执行,他们了解解剖结构,可以评估您的肌肉力量,以确定您实际需要多少肉毒杆菌毒素Botox™ 或神经调节剂治疗。 请立即与我们的一位医生预约咨询,以进一步讨论您的问题和需求。