Nose Botox is an effective treatment we offer at our Vancouver clinic for treating fine lines and wrinkles that appear on the bridge of the nose and for reshaping the nose. Bunny lines, also known as nasoglabellar lines, are vertical and horizontal lines that appear on the sides of the nose. These lines result from the repetitive contraction of the nasalis muscle and become more apparent when we smile, laugh or squint. Over time, the skin's collagen and elastin break down, forming these wrinkles. Botox® can help relax the contraction of the nasalis muscle, which can soften the prominence of bunny lines. Botox® can also be injected into the sides of the nose to reduce nostril flaring and to the base of the tip to help reduce the dynamic nose tip dip with smiling. 

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  • 治疗时间: 30分钟
  • 恢复时间: 不需要恢复期
  • 起效: 3-5 days for the initial result. Full results can be seen at 10-14 days
  • 花费: Varies depending on which areas are targeted, including bunny lines, nostril flare, or the nasal tip
  • 效果维持: 3 to 6 months
Bunny Lines Botox graphic vancouver sparrowmd


Botox® proves a safe and effective treatment for reducing nose wrinkles, nostril-flaring, and nasal tip dip by targeting a few different muscles. 

  1. 兔子纹|鼻纹: Botox® injections of the Nasalis muscle can help reduce the appearance of bunny lines caused by wrinkling your nose
  2. Nostril Flare: Botox® injections of the Dilator Nasalis muscles can help reduce nostril flaring if you are concerned about nasal flares or large nostril size.
  3. Nasal Tip: Botox® into the Depressor Septi Nasi can reduce the downward pull of the muscle and improve a droopy nasal tip. 


在Sparrow MD,我们提供由加拿大卫生部批准的不同品牌的 肉毒 安全性得到了保障 从 Health Canada that relax the muscles on the nose, which include:

At Sparrow MD, we offer various brands of neuromodulators and select the most suitable option for our patients based on treatment goals and prior experiences with different brands. This can be discussed during the consultation process.


In addition to other Botox®肉毒 treatments, to soften the lines on the nose, our clients may choose to pair this treatment with the following for a more comprehensive approach to rejuvenation:

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Botox®, administered by our skilled doctors at Sparrow MD, offers temporary muscle relaxation for both therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. With a track record of over 25 years, Botox® stands as a secure and efficient treatment. Though generally safe, there are potential side effects, such as temporary bruising, mild discomfort, swelling, or redness at the injection site. Very rarely, side effects such as an uneven smile may occur. These side effects are rare and temporary. They will resolve spontaneously. At Sparrow MD, our doctors have the expertise and experience to assess your individual anatomy. Book a consultation today to see how we can best help you.


Will Nose Botox® lift the tip of the nose?

If a droopy nose tip is a concern for you, our physicians can inject the depressor septi nasi muscle, which pulls the tip of the nose downward. By inhibiting the contraction of this muscle, the nose tip can subtly lift, resulting in a less droopy nasal tip, especially with smiling.

Can Botox® help narrow the nose?

We can treat different areas of the nose with Botox®. Botox® injected into nasalis muscle can soften bunny lines or wrinkles caused by scrunching the upper part of your nose. To reduce nostril flaring, Botox® can be added to the dilator nasalis muscle. This muscle is responsible for the widening of the nostril. When relaxed by Botox®, your nose can appear slimmer and have reduced dynamic flare with smiling.

How many units of Botox® is usually required for the nose area?

Typically, 6-10 units of Botox® is required to relax the nasalis muscle, which causes bunny lines; 2-6 units of Botox® to relax the muscles causing the droopy nasal tip; and 6-10 units to reduce nostril flaring.  

Does Botox® decrease oil production and shrink pore size around the nose? 

Botox® injected in the muscle primarily treats fine lines and wrinkles. For patients who are concerned with pores and an overly oily nose, Botox® may be injected superficially into multiple sites of the nose to regulate and decrease oil production. This can either be directed injected by our doctors or infused into the dermis with a microneedling device like the Aquagold® Microbotox treatment

Is Botox® or dermal filler better for the nose?

For addressing nasal asymmetries and structural refinement, dermal fillers might be more suitable. However, for mitigating fine lines and slight enhancement of nasal projection and profile, neuromodulator treatments like Botox® are preferable. These injectables can also be combined to help achieve your desired nose. 

Is Botox® in the nose painful? 

The nose is a sensitive area of the face. Botox® injections in the nasal area can be sensitive, but it is a quick procedure. Ice, vibration, and topical numbing are tools we can use to make the procedure more comfortable for the patient if required.