In Vancouver, there’s a rising trend of using botox treatment in the legs for calf slimming. Botox® has been used extensively and is a proven, safe and effective method to reduce the appearance of dynamic lines. It can also be used to slim thick and bulky calves off-label. While having prominent calves isn't medically concerning, it may impact an individual's self-esteem. Genetic factors can lead to people having bigger calves than they may prefer. Daily activities such as exercise, walking and running may unintentionally bulk up the area, resulting in an unwanted calf size. Botox® offers a temporary solution to give patients their desired body contour without downtime. 

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  • Length of Treatments: 30 minutes
  • Recovery Time: None
  • Onset of Action: 1-2 weeks; Final results at 4 weeks. A follow-up appointment to fine-tune your results may be scheduled. 
  • Cost: Varies depending on the size and strength of Gastrocnemius muscle
  • Results: 3-6 months


Botox® provides an efficient temporary solution for muscle reduction. 

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By evenly injecting neuromodulators like Dysport® or Botox® into the gastrocnemius muscle, the problematic muscle bulkiness is targeted by the neuromodulation effect. By inhibiting the muscle contractions of the muscle, you can achieve a gradual reduction in calf size and improved the contour of the legs. A calf slimming treatment can enhance your self-image by streamlining your muscular appearance, resulting in a more refined and attractive leg silhouette. 


At Sparrow MD, we offer different brands of neuromodulators approved by Health Canada that can reduce muscle size: 

For slimming the calves and shoulders, our injectors would typically choose Botox® and Dysport® for their better diffusion and spread properties, which is best for an even distribution into our treated muscle: the Gastrocnemius. 


At Sparrow MD, our team of highly skilled and certified medical professionals specializes in administering Botox® treatments with the utmost commitment to safety and excellence. Botox is one of the most researched drugs with proven effects for medical use and in aesthetic medicine. The use of Botox® for calf slimming is considered an off-label indication. Similar to Botox® treatment for the face, side effects may include temporary redness, mild discomfort, and localized swelling at the injection site post-treatment. Rare side effects of Calf Botox® include temporary muscle weakness or mild muscle imbalance. Depending on the starting size and strength of the calf muscles, the two sides may be slightly asymmetric, which can be corrected at your touch-up appointment scheduled 4 weeks after treatment. 

side effects of Calf Botox® include temporary muscle weakness or mild muscle imbalance


What is expected after calf Botox®?

Following your Botox® treatment, you should be able to resume your regular daily activities Immediately. Strenuous activities and extreme heat should be avoided for 48 hours, and excessive pressure or manipulation of the treatment area should be avoided for the initial 12 hours. 

What is the number of units expected for calf slimming with Botox®? 

The number of units of Botox® used for calf slimming can be highly variable depending on the size of the muscle and your aesthetic goals. A starting dose of 50-100 units is typical for our patients. Our qualified medical professionals can discuss this with you at your appointment and formulate a personalized treatment plan depending on your goals. 

What are the side effects of Botox® in the calves? 

Temporary side effects such as mild bruising, tenderness and redness are to be expected after a calf slimming procedure. Otherwise, side effects are considered fairly minimal and temporary. 

How long does Botox® take to work on the legs?

Visible results for calf Botox® appear around 2 to 4 weeks, depending on your unique anatomy and metabolism. You may expect a touch up treatment at 4 weeks to reach your ideal aesthetic goals.

How long does Botox® in the calves last?

The slimming effects from Botox® injections in the calves can last up to 6 months. To enhance the longevity of its results, regular maintenance sessions every 4 to 6 months are advised.

How does Botox® treatment compare with liposuction for calf slimming?

While liposuction is an option for calf slimming, calf slimming with Botox® is a less invasive procedure with no downtime and no risk of post-surgical complications such as scarring. It can deliver significant results with great patient satisfaction. We generally recommend our patients to consider Botox® treatment first before considering surgery. 

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